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The Naked Bible Podcast
Naked Bible 385: The Psalms and Eschatology

The Psalms and Eschatology with Dr. David Mitchell

Many Bible readers have wondered, and perhaps suspected, that there is a logic to the ordering of the Psalter, the Book of Psalms. Surely the material cannot be random. In this episode of the podcast we discuss this topic with Dr. David C. Mitchell. Our conversations serves to introduce listeners to Dr. Mitchell’s scholarly work that argues that the Psalter is arranged to tell the story of a “once and future” king of Israel, opposition to that king (and his people) by the nations, the death of that king, the king’s subsequent rise in victory over the nations, the redemption of Israel, and the re-gathering of the nations to worship Yahweh on Zion at the Feast of Tabernacles.

David C. Mitchell, The message of the Psalter: an eschatological programme in the Book of Psalms. JSOTSup 252; Sheffield Academic Press, 1997; now republished (self-published and available on Amazon)
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