The Naked Bible Podcast
The Naked Bible Podcast
Naked Bible 474: 1 Samuel 25

With Dr. Matthew Halsted

David and his men are in the wilderness of Maon when they hear that Nabal, a wealthy landowner, is shearing his sheep. David sends his men to ask Nabal for food and drink, as is customary when a guest visits. Nabal is a proud and arrogant man, and he refuses to give David anything. He insults David and his men, calling them “worthless rabble.” Abigail, Nabal’s wise and resourceful wife, learns of her husband’s behavior and takes matters into her own hands. She gathers a large amount of food and drink and sets out to meet David. Abigail arrives at David’s camp and falls on her face before him. She apologizes for her husband’s behavior and begs David not to take revenge. David is impressed by Abigail’s wisdom and humility, and he agrees to spare Nabal’s life. The next day, Nabal learns of what has happened. He is so ashamed that he has a stroke and dies ten days later. David marries Abigail and she becomes a wise and supportive wife to him.

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